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How to develop with optimum results ?

Knowing beforehand, what is coming out afterwards

Easily said – not so easily done

Who doesn’t know: the decision-matrix, the fighting over the score – and after all – what should be part of the matrix and what not – and which are the killer criteria

What does really help with this problem, is hands-on experience with various designs from numerous projects. Only then, if you have encountered the difficulties during the realization process first hand, you can judge advantages and disadvantages of certain designs realistically

What is also helping, is the simulation of the particular concepts  

Using adequate simulations, not only results of modifications, of different dimensions and even of totally new topologies can be predicted – just as important is the understanding of the function, which is facilitated by the simulation

The comparison between simulations and estimates or measurements does deliver many an enlightening experience. And if simulation and measurement differ, it is not automatically the simulation’s fault – it is often worth taking a closer look at the hardware and the measurement setup


Of course, diverse experience, comprehensive expertise and powerful simulation tools not only help with the new development - they also make a decisive contribution to necessary improvements in every phase of a project: finding modification options and demonstrating their feasibility



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