Ingenieurbüro für EMV

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Lindenberger



Technische Universität München

Degree in Electrical Engineering

Diploma thesis on a monopulse DF antenna

A coaxial tube (Ø 80 mm) in waveguide mode (H11) enables direction finding in the radar frequency range 2 - 8 GHz

Carl Zeiss Oberkochen

Development engineer in the field of special optics

Responsible for the antenna  technology of the Carl Zeiss submarine periscope  (radar-warning, GPS, communications)

EMC support for thermal imaging equipment for armored vehicles

EMC development of thermal imagers for aircraft

Build-up and management of an EMC laboratory for military development (measurement in accordance with Mil standards and VG standards) Programming of the software for emission measurements and immunity measurements

Expansion of the EMC laboratory for civilian measurements

Accreditation for industrial and medical devices

Recognition of the EMC laboratory as a technical service by the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt)

Carrying out of measurements and improvements not only for devices from Carl Zeiss (e.g. Surgical microscopes and measuring machines), but also EMC consulting and measurement for companies and businesses in the region - e.g. for screwdriving systems or gearbox control systems

Support in technical terms (suppression) and in formal aspects (selection of standards, content of the declaration of conformity) to ensure compliance with the EMC Directive

Continental-ISAD Landsberg am Lech  

EMC engineer for the innovative REDBOX concept in boiling-fluid technology

Special challenge: rapid EMC modifications to closed, hot power electronics inside pressurized enclosures

Solution: Measurement of power electronics without boiling-fluid (i.e. air-cooled) within milliseconds

Programming the software for triggered measurements and for the partitioning into small sections (of e.g. 400 ms)

Triggering via a threshold value detector (current or voltage) with adjustable start-up delay (e.g. 100 - 200 ms)

==> reduction of the possible change period of 1 change per Day ==> to 10 changes per day

Successful development in the REDBOX project (15 kW inverter, 2 kW DCDC, 5 kW 120V socket in 48V technology) for a US manufacturer

Follow-up project (15 kW inverter, 2 kW DCDC in 48V -Technology) with 20 x 12 x 7 cm dimensions

Innovative integrated filters for 48V and 12V side

Continental Nürnberg

Transfer of business to the Conti-Temic in Nuremberg

Stop of boiling-fluid technology - return to conventional technology

Responsible for EMC concept, EMC design and implementation for inverters and DCDC converters (120 - 500 V)

in hybrid and electric drive systems Vehicles

Successful development projects with 6 different European car manufacturers

Successful participation in the EM4EM joint project (electromagnetic reliability and electronic systems for eMobility applications)

Subproject: Optimized control methods for PWM stages - Optimized HV networks

Siemens Erlangen

As an EMC expert planning and setting up of an EMC laboratory (optimized for analytical and development measurements)

Responsible for EMC concept, EMC design and implementation for inverters and DCDC converters in drive systems of hybrid and electric vehicles

EMC support for Inductive charging

Simulation of inductive resonance transmission and power units, simulation of electric disturbance strength

Development of novel, highly efficient HV filters for inverters - complete design by simulation

Successful development projects with European and Asian car manufacturers

SiC inverter project with adapted HV filter   Simulation and measurement

EMC support for onboard chargers - complete 3-phase simulation in the time domain

Valeo-Siemens Erlangen

Transfer of business to the joint venture of Valeo and Siemens

As EMC expert responsible for the EMC concepts and the EMC design of the power electronics

Development projects with several vehicle manufacturers

Ingenieurbüro für EMV Nürnberg-Fürth

EMC support for customers in Germany, Europe and Asia

Design, Simulation, Development, Consulting, Strategy, Training, Measurement, Interference Analysis & Suppression


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